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Banksy on Mount Titano

Banksy, from 19 March to 19 June 2022 , will be on display with his famous and enigmatic works: images and forms of unprecedented ethical, evocative and thematic power. Serigraphs that have become a cult among international collectors, real devotional objects that outline the iconic protagonists of the Banksian imaginary. A selection of numerous original screen prints will be on display, those that Banksy considers fundamental traces for spreading his ethical messages. These are the images that have decreed the global success of one of the most complex, brilliant and intuitive artists of our century.

28 works on display, including two true icons of the British artist's production, now known and loved all over the world for their immediate artistic trait and powerful social messages:  Girl with Balloon , screen printing on paper from 2004 -05, which in 2017 was voted in a poll as the most loved work by the British and  Love is in the Air , a work on paper that reproduces on a red background the stencil that appeared for the first time in 2003 in Jerusalem, depicting a young man throwing a bouquet of flowers.

Source: Grand Hotel San Marino